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Kindfame Productions will help your business shine through the creative use of video.

Be it through simple talking head videos to full-on promotional videos. We will strive to make your project a reality, no matter what the budget.

A recent study found 49% of internet users say they are likely to purchase from brands they see advertised on social media rather than not.

In the digital landscape, social media and promotional content is crucial, yet producing it can be daunting and you may not want to pay for something which could potentially give little reward.

But I guarantee you, it’s better to have video for business than not. A recent study found that 49% of internet users are more likely to purchase from brands they see advertised on social media, highlighting the importance of incorporating video content into your marketing strategy.

Our team specialise in empowering businesses to maximise their impact without breaking the bank.

Unlock Powerful Video For Business

Here’s what we’ll do for your business

Craft compelling offers in your video for business that resonate with your audience.

Develop effective marketing strategies to attract your desired customers.

Make sure you can enjoy the peace of mind in knowing we’ll help oversee your social media business strategy.

Create a successful business video that communicates your message effectively while promoting your brand.

Grab attention with a captivating introduction using video for business

Clearly articulate your message, showcasing the benefits of your product or service.

Prompt viewers of your promo video to contact your business with a clear call to action.

Why Choose Us?

With two decades of experience serving businesses across various industries, we have the expertise to elevate your marketing campaigns. Don’t just take our word for it; we’re happy to provide references from satisfied clients.

Affordable Video for Business Solutions

Contrary to popular belief, successful video campaigns don’t have to break the bank. Our video packages start from just £250, offering excellent value for your investment.

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What are you waiting for?

Embark on your video marketing journey with us. Whether you need guidance or prefer a hands-off approach, we’re here to support you every step of the way. Reach out to us today to unleash the power of video for business.

The Statistics

In 2022, a study showed that 93% of marketers worldwide use social media for business. If you’re not using it, your competitors are taking your business. There has never been a better reason and better time to be online. With 4.9 billion people across the world using social media, and 94% of them being online, this is a staggering statistic.

Furthermore, out of those users, they typically spend between 2 to 3 hours a day on social media. This presents a significant opportunity for them to encounter your video and learn about your company.

In the old days, if a company wanted exposure, you’d have to pay for adverts in newspapers or on TV, costing you thousands of pounds for both production and distribution.

Now, you can achieve much more exposure for much less with our high-quality, on-brand video for business promotional videos. We’ll ensure you get the following:

  • Brand Awareness – Videos on the platforms that matter, conveying your business’s message and USP. Short, highly targeted videos which hold attention and keep viewers intrigued, encouraging them to engage with your business.
  • Customer Engagement – The social media landscape is vast, and while there are many potential new customers out there, we also understand there are concerns that your video might get lost to the algorithm gods. Please rest assured, a recent study showed that more than 73% of marketers believe that their videos on social media have been effective for their business marketing objectives.
  • Cost Effective Marketing – You might also have concerns about the cost, but compared to traditional marketing channels such as magazines and TV, there’s never been a better and more needed time to advertise your business.
  • Brand Recognition and Loyalty – Additionally, you can be in charge of how much or how little you use our videos and how to target and post them. By doing this and engaging with potential customers online, you can build stronger connections, much more so than just having simple images or text posts.
  • Search Engine Optimisation – Active engagement and content sharing online will garner your business better social media and online exposure, so your one video, which costs just a few hundred pounds, can be used for years to generate far more easily.
  • Specifically targeted marketing – By using the correct tags and text beneath your videos will ensure greater exposure, as well as posting in the correct place. We have people with a great deal of expertise in SEO that will help you with our production team to ensure your message is delivered clearly and reaches those who are interested in it.
  • High Quality Video delivery – You could argue that the cost of posting online could now be negated, now that we all have cameras on our phones. However, the benefits of high-quality video production and post-production far outweigh the cons. Remember, you know your product is the best, and you’ve got to convey that; a high-quality video is the best way to ensure you stand out from the crowd.

Video is the future of content marketing. It’s one of the most effective ways to engage and connect with your audience on a deeper level.

HubSpot, Leading Marketing Automation Platform

Please note that the potential for return is largely down to the quality of content, the consistency of posting and engagement and alignment with your business goals, and if you want a reason to work with us, for these reasons alone this should be enough. We’ll not only make sure your product or service looks good, but we’ll ensure the video we make is to the best quality and conveys your company message clear and concisely.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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