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We will help you to make your business shine, through the creative use of video production. Be it through simple talking head videos to full-on promotional videos. We will strive to make your project a reality, no matter what the budget.

KindFame Productions is a Surrey based video production company delivering creative, engaging and innovative branded content to small business clients across a variety of sectors.

In today’s marketplace, both consumers and business professionals prioritise the experience over the mere product or service, recognising that a positive encounter can significantly influence their purchasing decisions.

By harnessing the power of great video content, customers can immerse themselves in your brand’s story and connect emotionally, ultimately enhancing their pre-purchase experience and fostering a sense of trust and loyalty.

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We aim to deliver content that evokes a feeling in the heart of the customer, ensuring that their experience with you will be a positive one that they won’t forget.

At all levels in business image is everything, luckily for you we specialise in dazzling imagery. We are here to make you and your business look good whatever your business may be through quality video production. We will handle all stages of productions for you. Just let us know the outcome that you desire and we will tailor the video to your specifications.

We offer affordable rates and a quick turnaround, when needed, taking extra care to ensure an easy process for you that results in a high quality video that will engage your target audience and boost enthusiasm in your product or service. We provide content in a myriad of styles including training videos, promotional videos, live events, social media content and much more. If you would like to see an increase in awareness and status then you need a specially curated video, you need KindFame Productions. See an example of our video production pricing here Small Business starter package.

Using Drama For A Powerful Effect

Standard promo videos work but how much more emotion can you create using drama? Sometimes something different will catch the eye and the imagination.

Why Choose Us?


We’ll be your creative video production experts, crafting compelling stories with stunning visuals and evocative sound. We innovate and engage, delivering standout videos that get your message across.


We are determined to provide custom solutions that meet your goals. Our keen eye for detail makes sure your message is clear and effective. Our video production services do not disappoint ever.


If you need a fast video project delivery or quick and efficient problem-solving, we’re your top pick. Our video team maintains high standards, proving that speed and quality can coexist.

At Kindfame Productions we specialise in creating impactful video content tailored to address the diverse challenges faced by businesses.
From low brand visibility to ineffective marketing strategies, we understand the hurdles businesses encounter day-to-day in an ever-growing competitive landscape.

Business hurdles

If you run a small business, we understand that one of the biggest issues you face these days is to garner brand recognition amidst the sea of competitors.

A good business idea is not enough to make you profitable, you need to get in front of your prospective customers. Our promotional business videos are designed to cut through the noise, capturing the attention of potential customers and elevate your brands visibility. This helps to convert potential customers in to actual customers.

In an era where complex products and services abound, conveying their intricacies can be daunting. Our commercial-style videos are each individually tailored to your business and excel in breaking down and demonstrating your companies offerings in an easily digestible format, ensuring that audiences grasp your value effortlessly.

video production

In a digital landscape where traditional marketing methods fall short, promotional video content emerges as a game-changer.

So to keep it short, Kindfame Productions specialises in creating engaging, shareable video marketing content that resonates with audiences, driving increased reach, increased exposure, and enhancing brand impact across platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Our Services

We offer a range of services including promotional video production, short film production, live event recording and broadcasting, training videos, business promos and social media adverts.

Video for business

A promotional video is one of the most effective ways to gain your business exposure and promotion. Whether you’re promoting yourself, your products, brand or services, a promotional video could be one of the best tools for you.

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Live Events

In an era where every moment is cherished and sharing experiences has become a norm, ensuring your special events are captured and possibly streamed live with professional finesse has never been more crucial.

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Training videos

We understand the significance of training and staff motivation. We aim to elevate your workforce with our expertly crafted training videos or help you to take your skills to the market place as an online course.

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Business starter pack

Our small business video starter pack includes everything you need to use video to boost your sales. We can help by using the power of video to take your business to the next level, at a price that any business can afford.

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